Is R Value Important on Replacement Windows?

Yes! End of story! Over the last decade, homeowners have been more concerned with energy efficiency than ever before. With the rising utility costs, they want to find a way to efficiently heat and cool their homes without paying an arm and a leg every month. While there are a number of ways to improve a home’s efficiency, if you need replacement windows in Plano, TX, there aren’t many things you can do that will give you a bigger return on your investment.

However, just because you know you want new replacement windows doesn’t mean the process is completely simple. Once you start looking around, you’ll see that there are a variety of terms that relate to replacement windows. You’ll see the Energy Star certifications, U-values, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients and, of course, R-values. All of the information is important, but it can get rather overwhelming if you don’t’ know what it all means. When in doubt, start by looking at the R-value and go from there.

At Southwest Door & Window, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you with the flood of information that comes your way when you are looking for replacement windows. First, let us help you understand R-value and what it means for your home.

Replacement Windows and R-value

Efficiency is measured within windows in several ways. R-value refers to the resistance to heat that can flow through a window. Heat naturally moves from warm areas to cooler areas. So when it’s cold outside in the winter, the heat in your house is going to try to get out. The R-value on your windows plays a huge role in the efficiency of your house. Inefficient windows will cause your heating system to work harder in the winter, which will give you higher bills. On the R-value, the greater the number on the rating, the better the window is at keeping your home energy efficient. Replacement windows that have an R-value of 5, for example, are 50% more efficient than a window with a rating of 3.2.

Consider R-value and Win

When it comes to replacement windows, you have a lot to consider, but when you get a good R-value, your house will win big. You can count on reduced energy consumption, lower bills, consistent temperatures, enhanced comfort, and a higher resale value on your home. Your replacement windows are a true investment, and when they have a good R-value on them, that investment is one that pays off both now and in the future!

While you still may not understand all of the lingo that goes into buying replacement windows, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window do, and we’re here to help you wade your way through it all. Give us a call at 214-341-2212 with questions about R-value or anything else related to replacement windows in Plano, TX . You can also stop and see us in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. Let’s find the best replacement windows for your home!

Vinyl Windows are Not Meant to be Broken

Everything breaks down and tears apart after a certain length of time. But there are materials that are so strong that they simply were not meant to be broken. Think about the fact that limestone and marble buildings that were created centuries ago are still standing today. While vinyl windows may not last centuries, they are not meant to be broken, either. Take a look at some of these items to give you peace of mind about putting vinyl windows into your home in Plano, TX.

Vinyl Windows are made from PVC

What’s PVC? Well, it’s the same material that many homes use in their pipes. Can you believe that vinyl windows have PVC in them? That’s great news! Think about all of the things your pipes go through on a daily basis. They have water rushing through them constantly, they hold up against time and hard use. That’s just what your vinyl windows will do for you. You don’t have to worry about water damage because water just doesn’t bother vinyl. You don’t have to worry about dents, warping, rotting, fading, or anything else that other window materials bring. Vinyl windows are made to last and are not meant to be broken!

Vinyl Windows Last and Last

You can also count on your vinyl windows lasting a long time. Why is that? Because they are highly strong and made of durable materials! Vinyl windows last, in part, because they take little to no maintenance. Even if you ignore them, they’ll work hard for you. That’s the exact opposite of wood windows. When you have wood windows, you have to take great care of them or they will start to fade away and fail. They won’t be energy efficient any longer and you’ll have to replace them. But vinyl windows take virtually no care and they still hold up well against any of the elements they endure.

Vinyl Windows Aren’t Expensive

One of the greatest pieces of news about vinyl windows for most homeowners is that they aren’t that expensive, especially compared to other materials. It’s amazing to see how much of a difference you can have in your home at such a low cost. It’s almost hard to believe that you get something that lasts so well for such a cheap price. But it’s reality! Sometimes, things aren’t too good to be true! At least not when it comes to vinyl windows! You get the strength and durability you need without the cost you can’t afford.

If you are interested in vinyl windows in Plano, TX, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. Just give us a call at 214-341-2212 and we’ll answer your questions over the phone or set up a free consultation for you. You can also stop by and see us at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 to take a look at some of the options we offer. Vinyl windows are great, but there are different qualities. We’ll help you find the best option for your home!

Buy Windows Alone or Hire Professionals?

Replacing old windows with vinyl windows can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. The new vinyl windows can improve the look of your Irving, TX home, reduce your heating and cooling, and bring a lot of other benefits to the table. But installing new windows can cost quite a bit of money. In order to save as much as you can, you might think you should buy and even install the windows yourself. But neither is recommended and here’s why.

Problems With Buying Windows On Your Own

The biggest draw to buying vinyl windows alone is that you can save money. And while that’s true up front, it brings more problems later. You remove the window distributor from the costs, but the savings are outweighed by other items such as:

Buying the wrong size

You aren’t a window professional. And even if you measure with care, you could make a mistake. If you buy the wrong size window, you’re stuck with it!

Variety limitations

When you go to big box stores, you don’t get nearly as many options as you would from a professional company. The options may not be the best in quality, either. And they are never going to be as well made as professional grade vinyl windows.

Improper installation

Even if you do things around your house all the time, your inexperience with vinyl windows can show up really fast. You could end up with inefficient, leaky windows that could drive your bills through the roof. If you allow leaks, water can get in as well, causing more damage than a professional installation would have cost in the first place.

Void the warranties

Many window companies require professional installation for the warranty to remain valid for the duration of the term. If you install the windows yourself and something goes wrong, the warranty is out the door.

Choosing a Professional

In the end, it’s in your best interest to work with a professional from start to finish. Not only can they help point you in the right direction when it comes to vinyl windows, but they can install them for you and guarantee their work. You don’t have to worry about anything going wrong because even if it does, they’ll take care of the issue for you. Sure it costs a bit more, but you get a lot more out of it as well. And you’ll save more money with quality windows and a quality installation in the long run.

When you’re ready to hire professionals, look no further than to the experts at Southwest Door & Window. Give us a call for a free consultation at 214-341-2212 and we’ll answer any questions you have. You can also visit our showroom to see some vinyl windows in Irving, TX yourself at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. We want you to get nothing but the best and that’s why you need to come to us!

Trends in Replacement Windows

Isn’t it all about being trendy in today’s society? Okay, maybe not everything is about trends, but when you undertake a large home improvement project, you want whatever you do to your home to be in line with what everyone likes. That way, your home will look good and if you sell it any time soon, it’ll go faster and at a higher price. But trends come and go and when it comes to replacement windows, you aren’t going to be replacing them soon for a second time, right? So you want to know what trends are around for now and what’s here to stay. The professionals in Irving, TX at Southwest Door & Window have some suggestions for you to keep your replacement windows on trend today and well into the future.

Install Big Windows

One of the major trends in replacement windows that is here to stay is to replace your old windows with bigger windows. Large windows bring in more natural light so you don’t have to use as many artificial lights in your home. That can save you money on your bills up front and can bring extra beauty into your home. If you have a nice view, the larger the windows, the better. Windows are always a better feature for aesthetics than a wall. Large windows give you a chance to incorporate the outdoors into your home with ease.

Go Colorful

There are a lot of options when it comes to window colors and not all of them are white and off white. In the past, when you got vinyl windows, you’d get a small variety of colors. Now, the options are endless. Homeowners are finding that it’s much more trendy to pick a certain color over just plain white. If you want to accentuate the color of your home, just go a shade darker or lighter with your replacement windows. Or you can hit the contrast button and get windows that stand out and frame your windows with beauty.

Energy Efficiency is Key

Everyone is going green today and with good reason. The environment needs our help! This window trend isn’t going anywhere at all…ever. You want energy efficiency when it comes to your windows. It’s that simple. So when you are looking at replacement windows , it’s not only trendy, but also smart to go with the most energy efficient options you can find and afford.

If you have questions about other window trends, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help with more suggestions and advice. We’ve seen a lot of replacement windows Irving, TX come and go over the years, and we know what trends are here to stay. Call us at 214-341-2212 for a free consultation or to ask about replacement windows of any kind. You can also come by and see us at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 to browse the windows we have to offer in our showroom. We’re happy to help you stay on trend well into the future!

Traditional Windows for Your Home

There are many different styles of windows, and when you live in Plano, TX, you can find just about anything you want. When looking for windows for your home, you want to find something that fits in with your existing style. Traditional windows are common and are found all over the country. But the traditional style includes many different designs, some of which are American in origin and others of which were inspired by European influences. Here are a few of the traditional styles to think about for your home.

Cottage Style Windows

Cottage style windows are common across the country, but are most prominent in the east. In Texas, cottage style homes are usually in the form of bungalows and emphasize simplicity and functionality. There are many craftsman elements in cottage style windows including bay windows, window shutters, arch top doors, and arch windows. These traditional facades stand out on any street.

Victorian Style Windows

Victorian sounds like an old architectural style, but it is really very modern as well. It became popular in the middle 1800s and includes a lot of decorative ornamentation. Prior to the industrial revolution, these ornaments were hard to produce. Now, however, design elements are easy and affordable. Victorian homes are on the rise and you will see bay windows, wrought iron brackets, and lots of curves.

Classical Style Windows

Classical styles were inspired by the Romans and Greeks and they are rare in the US, but you will see them in churches and government buildings in Texas and other areas. Windows were not common in Greece or Rome, but today, classical buildings have single or double hung windows with divided grilles to give an age-old appearance.

Neoclassical Style Windows

This style is inspired by classical elements and more residential. You will see a lot of different styles throughout the country and they vary from region to region. They incorporate symmetry, aesthetics, and columns. You’ll usually see single and double hung windows with an arch at the top.

Find the Right Windows

There are many different new windows in Plano, TX, that are considered traditional today and they work well in a variety of homes. If you are unsure as to what will fit into your home the best, it’s in your best interest to talk to a professional who has seen it all in Plano, TX! Contact Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212 for a free consultation. You can tell us all about your home’s style and we’ll make a recommendation based on what more homeowners enjoy with that style. We can also come to your home and take a look in person to give you more details and ideas. Or, you’re welcome to stop by our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and look at windows yourself. It helps to see them in person over just looking at pictures in magazines. Let’s figure out what works best for your home’s style and get to work on the project together!

Best Places for Awning Windows

When you are looking into new windows for your home in Irving, TX, you don’t have to go with exactly the same style, material, or color you have now. It’s actually a great time to make some changes and get the windows you’ve always wanted to have. Whether you use the same basic layout or add or subtract windows in certain areas, this is a great time to do it. If you currently don’t have any awning windows in your home, you may want to consider including them in one or more locations. They are versatile, provide ventilation, and give your home accentuated style. Here are a few places you could put them.

In the Bathroom
Awning windows naturally ventilate the bathroom without giving away your privacy if you place them right. You could put them up high above a tub so no one could really see in. With easy hand cranks, you can ventilate the room and give it natural lighting without worrying about privacy.

In the Kitchen
Awning windows are popular and smart options for any kitchen, especially above the sink. When you have to lean over the countertop, it’s easier to open an awning window with a crank. You get the quick, easy ventilation you want, and you always have natural lighting available as well.

As Accent Pieces
Awning windows also work well above other doors and windows. You could place them above fixed windows so you still have the option to open the area up a bit or you can put them over doors for natural lighting. They give a room more versatility and act as a stylish accent piece as well.

On Their Own
Awning windows can also be placed just about anywhere you please alone. Many awning windows are small in size, but they can be larger and offer a traditional appearance as well. They are attractive as stand alone windows and give you versatility that other styles can’t.

If you are interested in new windows Irving, TX, of any kind, the professionals at Southwest Door & Window are here to help. We’ve been the area’s source for windows and doors for decades, and we want to ensure that your home gets just what it needs, whether that ends up being awning windows or another type. You can call us for a free consultation at 214-341-2212 and we’ll offer you the professional advice you need to make informed decisions. We understand that your home offers more than curb appeal outside and more than comfort inside. You rely on your windows and doors to make your home warm and inviting, but also to keep you safe and your energy bills low. We specialize in getting homeowners what they need in terms of new windows and even doors. Stop by and see our showroom to take a look at the options we have to offer. We’re located at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238 and we’re happy to help you in any way we can.

Are there Benefits to Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows were introduced to the industry over 30 years ago as a more cost-efficient way to replace windows. They have grown from a small segment of the market to the most popular form of replacement window out there. Before they were introduced, homes and businesses used wood and aluminum frames exclusively. Now, vinyl windows have overtaken their popularity for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few benefits of vinyl windows that will help you understand why they are so popular in Dallas, TX and other areas of the country.

-Strong Durability
Vinyl windows don’t have to be painted or sanded (unlike wood windows) in order to remain strong and durable. They do their job for decades without peeling, cracking, fading, rotting, or even scratching. With some basic maintenance like light cleaning on occasion, they’ll look as good as new for years to come.

-Energy Efficiency
Vinyl windows give you better thermal protection than wood or aluminum options. They are designed with energy efficiency in mind and modern technology has even given them higher efficiency options like low-e coating, insulating gas, and multiple panes of glass, among others.

-Lack of Environmental Impact
Vinyl windows last longer than wood or aluminum so they don’t have to be replaced nearly as often. That makes them a friendly choice when it comes to the environment. Plus, they aren’t taking down trees in order to create the frames.

-Style Selections
When vinyl windows first came out, it’s true, they were limited when it came to colors and styles. But now, vinyl windows come in a number of different design and colors options. There are literally thousands of style combinations that can help you match your home’s existing décor.

Vinyl windows work great in homes and businesses because they have a fixed pane or can come in special shapes or colors. They are popular because they are practical for any room or use.

-Affordable Option
One of the biggest reasons vinyl windows are so popular is because of their affordability. They are the most inexpensive option on the market. Not only do they save you money up front, but you continue to save during their lifespan. First, you save in utility bills because they are highly energy efficient. And second, you save in maintenance since you don’t have to buy materials to keep them looking nice.

Work with Southwest Door & Window
If you are starting to realize that you want the benefits o vinyl windows Plano, TX in your home, then it’s time to call Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212. We’d love to offer you a free consultation to you can get all the information you need on the other benefits of vinyl windows you can have in your Dallas, TX home. The list is long, but we’ll answer any questions you have and go over anything you’d like! Stop by and see our vinyl windows in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238.

Window Condensation Tips

When you see condensation on your windows, you might be alarmed. Are your windows failing? Are your energy bills about to skyrocket? Do you need replacement windows? Before you start to panic, take a deep breath and think about condensation closer in your Dallas, TX home. Not all condensation requires replacement windows. And you might even be able to reduce the condensation yourself. Keep reading for some tips!

Interior Condensation
When you see condensation on the inside of your window’s glass, the warm air in your home coming into contact with the cooler glass causes it. That’s not uncommon during the winter in Dallas, even though it doesn’t get as cold as other areas of the country. The glass surfaces are usually the coolest place in your home and the water will form as droplets on the inside of the window. IF the interior air is drier, it will evaporate. You might want to get rid of drafty windows or doors or put a dehumidifier in your home in the rooms that are causing issues.

Exterior Condensation
You will see exterior condensation most often during the Dallas, TX summers. It comes about when the humidity is high outside, when there isn’t much window, and when the skies are clear. It forms the same way it does inside. In order to get rid of condensation on the outside of your windows, open them up on a nice day to warm the glass. You can also trim bushes nearby to get more air circulation. And you can raise the air conditioning temperature inside ea bit to try and help.

Between the Panes Condensation
The biggest concern is when you see condensation between your panes of glass. And with good reason! While there are things you can do when you see it on the interior or exterior, there isn’t much you can do about condensation between panes of glass. Seeing it there means that you have a broken seal in your windows and they are not insulating well if they are allowing water between the panes. Furthermore, they aren’t going to be energy efficiency any longer and they could start to cause water damage. Really, your best bet with condensation in these cases is to get replacement windows.

Do you need Replacement Windows?
So, where is your condensation falling? Can you deal with it inside or outside of your house or do you need help in replacing your windows due to condensation between the panes? If you aren’t sure, contact Southwest Door & Window for a free consultation at 214-341-2212. We’re here to answer your questions and we won’t tell you that you need replacement windows Dallas, TX unless that’s really the best option for your home. You can also stop by, see us and pick our brains in our showroom at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. It can help to see replacement windows in person to get an idea of what they can do for your home.

When is it Time for New Windows?

If your windows are starting to show their age and you want to start thinking about replacing them, you might wonder, “When is it time for new windows?” Since you live in Dallas, TX, weather isn’t a huge concern. However, there are some times of the year that are better than others. And there are also some situations that warrant immediate replacement while others can wait. Here are some suggestions for you as you consider the process.

Your windows look decent, but a few of them have a crack in the glass.
When it is time for new windows?
Whenever you are comfortable with the process.
A few little cracks aren’t a dire situation, but they are showing you that your windows aren’t performing as they used to. Since the Dallas winters don’t usually get bitterly cold, you might want to move forward with the process sooner rather than later. The window companies aren’t as busy in the winter and you can get it over with and start saving money right away. But if you’d rather wait until spring, that will work as well.

Your windows look warped and there is some decay and maybe even some mold around them.
When is it time for new windows?
When your windows are so far gone that you can see their warped nature, their rotting, and their decay, you want them out of your house as soon as possible. They aren’t energy efficient and they are costing you a lot of money on your energy bills that you shouldn’t have to pay. They also could be causing water damage to the walls of your home or other areas, which is expensive to fix as well. Get them replaced ASAP, winter or not!

Your windows don’t open or close very well.
When it is time for new windows?
Now or later, as long as you are careful.
If your windows don’t function like they used to, there are probably other issues within them. If some of your windows are painted shut or you can’t get them to close once you have them open, they aren’t operating nicely. They probably aren’t as energy efficient as they used to be, either. For safety sake, and for your energy bills, it’s really best to get them replaced as soon as you can. However, if you want to wait until sprig or summer, keep the sticking windows closed and locked so they don’t slam shut on fingers and you can get by for a bit longer.

Not Sure?
If you don’t know what direction to go with your situation, call Southwest Door & Window at 214-341-2212 and tell us what’s going on with your windows. We’ll give you a free consultation and we promise not to advise anything we wouldn’t recommend for our own homes. You can also stop by and see our new window Dallas, TX options in person at our showroom. Visit 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Making a Statement with Colorful Replacement Windows

If you are looking to boost the curb appeal of your home in Frisco, TX, and you are already thinking about new vinyl windows, you can get a lot from the project. New vinyl replacement windows will, of course, give you higher levels of energy efficiency. They’ll function like a dream and raise the property value of your house, too. Even an ordinary color will look nice on your home, but this is your chance to truly make a statement about your style. Here are a few ideas to make your house stand out with the color of your replacement windows.

-Match the Tone
If you have a brown house, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with standard white replacement windows or even windows that match the color of your home. What you might want to do is find a tone that goes along with the house, but also stands out. Consider a dark chocolate brown to blend with the color tone, and yet stand out. Or, if you have a darker brown house, get something in a lighter brown tone to highlight the windows. Stay in the color tone, but choose something off the siding color to make it stand out a bit more.

-Contract Colors
There’s nothing that makes replacement windows stand out more than a contrasting color. If you have a white home, you are lucky. You can go with just about any color and pull it off. You can stick with something classic, like black, or you can get something brighter and bolder. Contrasting colors draws the eye to the attractive replacement windows and frames their beauty. It also gives your home depth and something interesting.

-Consider the Door
If you have an entry door you love, you will want to include it in the decision or replacement windows and their colors. If the door is something you will keep as is, you might want the windows to match the door in order to draw everything all together. IF the door is too bright, choose a replacement window color that complements the door, but doesn’t overdo the color scheme.

When you first started thinking about Frisco, TX replacement windows, you were concerned about the materials you wanted for the frames, the energy efficiency, the number of glass panes and so on. These items are all very important, but so is the lasting impression you give from the curb. If you aren’t much of a designer and don’t get into colors yourself, call the professionals at Southwest Door & Window for advice. We’d be happy to offer you a free consultation at 214-341-2212. You can also take a look at our replacement windows in person at 10990 Petal St #700, Dallas, TX 75238. Take some color samples with you and hold them up against your house in the natural light. And take your time with this important decision! We won’t pressure you in any way. We’re here to help!